About Our Candy

Toffee…..Buttercrunch…..what’s the difference?


Ingredients!   Buttercrunch is made with butter and sugar - that's it! And that’s what creates it’s characteristic texture; crisp and tender.  Toffee recipes vary and many of them add brown sugar, corn syrup and water. These additional ingredients prevent some of the problems encountered with making toffee but It makes a harder, almost brittle, candy.  Buttercrunch made with only butter and sugar is temperamental and persnickety to work with but it tastes SO much better!  At Louella’s we make only buttercrunch. It’s takes more effort but one taste and you will agree it’s worth it!


So....if it's really Buttercrunch why do we call it Toffee?  Marketing - Toffee is a more familar word to most people.

What about food allergies and special diets?


Our candy can be enjoyed by almost everyone. No corn syrup, chemicals or preservatives are used. We try really hard to n accommodate special dietary needs and preferences.  Feel free to contact us for questions about ingredients. 

Do you make other candy also?


Yes, over the years, by popular demand I have added more yummy treats. Classics like Marshmallows, Fudge, Divinity.  Then I started creating my own confections like Zany Bars and Salted Honey Walnut Bars. It's fun to create more delicious treats for my customers.  

Do you ship?


Yes but only during the cold months of the year. Contact us directly about your individual requests.  

Do you make sugar free candy?


No. Honestly, it just doesn't work and the ingredients used in sugar free candy are nasty.  

Where can I find you?


If you are reading this you already have! If you want to come for a real visit you can find us at Jamestown Heritage Marketplace, 18275 CA-108, Jamestown, CA. in the scenic foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It's a wonderful place to visit, get away from it all and just relax.   Find out more about our little corner of the world www.visittuolumne.com