Toffee Talk

All of our candy is made in small, handcrafted batches so it will be fresh and yummy!

Let us know what you think.  Here's what others say......

"I am a huge toffee fan and Louella's is the absolute best!" 

Ken B.   Los Angeles, CA

"It's hard to beat the Almond Buttercrunch, it's REALLY good but where Louella's really stands out is the unique and unexpected flavors that no one else has." 

Caren D.   Sonora, CA

"My husband and I got an assortment pack thinking we would taste a different one each day. We ate the whole package, all of them, in one evening! Next day we went back for another package. We're hooked!"

Anne J.   Sonora, CA

"At our Moroccan themed wedding, the Moroccan Pistachio toffees were perfect favors. The guest were raving about them and hardly ate the cake!"  

Ashley B, Los Angeles, CA

"The person who comes up with these flavor combinations is half crazy and half genius" John S.  Idaho Falls, ID