Louella's Story


 Every year at holiday time my mother, Louella Taylor,  spent hours in the kitchen making all kinds of yummy candy. She made the classics like Fudge and Caramels as well as confections with funny names like Penuche and Divinity. They were all delicious but, hands down, the most popular was her Almond Buttercrunch. She called it Almond Roca, some people call it English Toffee or Almond Toffee, but it’s really a buttercrunch. Actually, all of our toffees are buttercrunchs and not toffees at all. You can check out About Our Toffee for the technical explanation of the difference but, whatever you call it, it is decadent and delicious!

Louella passed away December 2012 but her decadent and delicious toffee still delights everyone who tastes it.  I am proud to carry on her tradition of delicious candy that not only delights the taste buds but creates memories. 

Over the years, by popular demand, I expanded into other kinds of candy.  First came marshmallows but a  healthier version with organic sugar and no corn syrup. Then came Fudge, a creamy reminder of what everyone's Grandma used to make.  And, yes, I even make Divinity now, weather permitting.  

Gluten free, no trans fats, organic ingredients, heck they are practically health food! 


Jo (Taylor) Rodefer 

Louella Taylor  1926 - 2012

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